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Surefix are one of the leading providers of water line replacement installations and other services in Essex. As an established company with a wealth of experience on our hands. Regardless of the service, we carry out all jobs with a smile on our face and your best interests at heart. We’re passionate about what we do, and are immensely proud to offer a complete range of excellent services.


Water Line Replacement Installations

As part of our diverse services catalogue, we offer water line replacement installations for all our customers in need. More often than not, water lines are found way beneath your property, far out of sight.

As a consequence, you won’t notice a problem until it’s too late and the issue is big enough to cause issues on your property. Fixing a water line problem can be incredibly difficult as you need to dig up ground just to get to the line itself.

Thankfully, our team of experts is on hand to take care of everything. We will come to your property and, firstly, find your water line. Once we’ve identified its location, we go ahead and work on removing and replacing any parts of it that have broken.

Why do you need to replace a damaged water line?

Well, when your water line has been damaged, it can cause many issues with the water supply to your house. Corrosion is a common issue affecting water lines, and this will lead to discoloured, brown, water from your taps. Needless to say, drinking this is hazardous to your health!

What’s more, your water pressure can drop when problems with your water line occur. This leads to all sorts of plumbing issues in your property, most notably leaks. If you find your home is subjected to frequent leaks, then you know there’s a water line problem somewhere.

Non-invasive water line replacement installations
Non-invasive water line replacement installations

Non-invasive water line replacement installations

The hardest thing about water line replacement installations is ensuring your property isn’t invaded by loads of construction equipment. Seeing as the line is underground, you assume that lots of digging need to occur, turning your garden into an excavation site.

However, here at Surefix, we make sure our service is carried out without being too invasive. We don’t want to destroy your landscaping, nor do we want to chop down any trees or damage roots.

This is why we employ a highly skilled team that know how to remove and replace damaged water lines without digging everything up. This means you get the incredible service you paid for, without worrying about how long it might take or what long-lasting damage can occur.

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Water line repairs and replacements are serious business. As a result, we stress the need to contact us as soon as possible when you notice any issues.

Remember, if there’s brown water coming from your taps, frequent leaks, or a drop in water pressure, then you may have a line issue. Contact us today, and we can give you a free quote for our extensive water line service.